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Your financial giving enables us to create environments of service and worship locally and globally. God bless you for living generously! 

The Barnabas Project

The Barnabas Project serves people in Everett struggling with homelessness. They hold chapel every Monday night and give out dessert. On Wednesday nights they hold a Bible study at the McDonald's on the corner of Colby and 41st Street in Everett. The most important part is letting people know that no matter their situation, they are loved.

Talk to Robert Seals for more details about this amazing ministry, or to find out how you can get involved. You can also visit their Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/BarnabasProjectFoursquare/photos

Summer Camp is Coming Up!

Once again, summer camp is fast approaching. For kids and youth it's an amazing week to grow and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus while having the time of their lives! Kids Camp will be at Lakeside Bible Camp on Whidbey Island this year. Boys camp is July 9 - 13, and girls camp is July 23 - 29. talk to Christy Laurenzo for more information.

Check Out the Promo Video for Kids Camp

Summer Camp

Camp is a special time in students' life where a whole week is spent immersed in Jesus' love through powerful worship and teaching. Without distractions of daily life and surrounded by support from friends and counselors, camp can be a turning point in many youths' relationship with Jesus. 

Ethiopia Trip

"God opened up all kinds of doors for us to connect with people and to begin relationships that will hopefully continue for years to come. John's team taught the first of three Pastor conferences in two locations. He hopes to go back next year for the second series. The Pastors work in difficult situations. It was amazing to hear their stories and to have the opportunity to teach and encourage them. They were very gracious and receptive." 

- Sandy Blake

Leslie and I stayed in Kore, which is desperately poor. People live in mud houses with no windows. They may have one dim light bulb but no water. We visited several homes and shared buna (coffee) and fundisha (popcorn) with them. We connected 15 of the women at Lake Church with 15 women at a church in Kore. They kneel to pray on concrete floor every day and two hours before service on Sunday. We were amazed and humbled by their walks with God. We also had an opportunity to share God's love at two hygiene classes. We told them God sees them. He knows their name and invites each of them into his kingdom.

Our mornings were spent with kids. We helped make crafts, did finger prints and told them God loves them so much he gives each child his very own prints. We talked with them about their families, their hopes... anything. They love the opportunity to practice their English and to try and teach us how to count in Amharic.

"What we took away from this trip is a sense that God has connected our hearts with Ethiopia and particularly for His church. We're already looking forward to returning and continuing to build on the relationships that have begun. " - Sandy Blake


This is a short video journal of our mission outreach to Ethiopia, including the two leadership conferences in the cities of Shashamane and Hoseana, 150 kilometers South ans Southwest of Addis Ababa, and the time spent in Korah by Sandy and Leslie, where they developed wonderful relationships and began 20 prayer partnerships between ladies of the Korah church and of Lake Church.

El Faro, Nicaragua - Jesus' Church among the Poorest of the Poor

We support El Faro, a growing church community that has sprung up from the infamous La Chureca (dump area) in Managua, Nicaragua. We believe one of the marks of Jesus' ministry is that the Good News of hope is impacting folks experiencing poverty and brokenness!

(Associated with The Neo Fund non-profit)

Our friends Miriam and Ramon Baca pastor this community in Managua. They partner with NEO Fund an amazing organization.

Don't miss what God is doing in education, food distribution, church planting, and community development with micro- loans, through this amazing group.