Discipleship/Reading Plan

Join us in pursuing Jesus and nudging others into that same adventure!

A Discipling Community

Jesus invites all of us to follow His teachings in our day to day lives. He calls us to help others forward into passionate pursuit of Him as well. We call this becoming a "disciple" and "making disciples".

At Lake Church we are committed to giving you the tools for this spiritual formation. We also love to design environments and groups where this "discipling" can happen.


Read Scripture with the Lake Church community. Join us in our reading plan here

Try the S.O.A.P tool sketched below:

S: Scripture - select a reading plan

O: Observation - what is here?

A: Application - what's here for me?

P: Pray - pray from what you have gathered in scripture


HERE is the study guide for the book "What Now God" by John Blake.

You may already have the hard copy in your possession. However, if you prefer,  you can read or use it on line. You can also link to the websites and videos mentioned in the guide.