What We Believe

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ is the Son of God. His is the eternal God, who took humanity upon Himself so we could come to know Him well. He lived a perfect life on this earth, demonstrating the personality and character of God to us. He died and bodily rose from the grave to open a relationship with God to us. Placing our faith in Christ and living a life in fellowship with Him, allows us to experience freedom from sin and a truly transformed life.  

  • Authority of Scripture

    The Bible is God-breathed and fully reliable for all matters of faith and practice. It is God’s primary means of speaking in today’s world context. Scripture is vital, divine revelation, meant to invite us to personal transformation and to live in Kingdom community.

  • Salvation

    God has revealed His love to humankind in a myriad of ways, most notably through His Son Jesus. Though created in God’s image, and shaped to know him; we as a race – and as individuals – have chosen to make our own way in life. A personal “demandingness” called sin afflicts us all and separates us from relationship with God, who is perfectly holy. Jesus offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice for the sins of all peoples through death on a cross. He provides a way for restored relationship with God for all who repent and believe in Him. We are declared righteous before God on the basis of this death & resurrection, and offered the power of the Holy Spirit to live a transformed life. We follow Jesus and participate in a Kingdom story larger than our own at present, and anticipate His future return to earth to reign with those who are His. 

  • Outrageous Love and Generosity

    All of us who follow Christ have been brought into relationship with Him because of His grace and love. He calls us, in turn, to become people marked by that supernatural grace and love. Our bias for living in the Lake Stevens community and in the world, will be to seize opportunities for outrageous love and generosity. This is our approach as a church community.

  • International church of the Foursquare Gospel

    We are a part of the Foursquare denominational family, a Christ-focused, truly multi-national/ multi-ethnic, charismatic group. Foursquare unites over 1,700 churches in the U.S and 66,000 gatherings in nations across the world.