Together in Love

No one can walk this Christian journey alone. 

Connect with others through a small group! Find encouragement, build friendships and grow in your understanding of the Word and God's love through any of our small groups. Each is designed with a specific focus, and groups change seasonally.

Adult Women: Goliath Must Fall

See Jesus as your leader & advoacate

Connect with new and long term friends and discover the strength and beauty of the Son of God who fights for you. Explore Louie Giglio's poignant video series with the "sisters"! 

Tues @ 6:30 pm & Thurs @ 9:30 am. Upstairs Red Room
Join us at Lake Church!

Adult Men: Fight Club

Philippians:  "Your Identity Matters"

We all need a brother to walk with, and the tools to "win" in every area of life.  Join us for this practical study in Philippians.  You'll take away a strong biblical perspective on your identity in Christ, and the tools to study further!

Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm (Man sized dinner provided)

Join us at Lake Church!

Faith Roundtable

Pastor John Blake and you and others will stimulate discussion as together we explore the rich Book of Hebrews.  There's profound and practical truth there.

Bring your favorite cup of coffee and lets talk!

Sunday mornings at 8:45 AM

Join us at Lake Church